YAL at Students for Liberty Philadelphia Regional Conference

 Edward Hudgins with YAL members     

Young Americans for Liberty was once again represented at the Students for Liberty Philadelphia Regional Conference at the University of Pennsylvania! YAL was given a table on the right side of the entrance, and from there, we reached hundreds of students who were interested in continuing the message of liberty through activism on college campuses. 

Representing YAL at the conference was Emily Rose (University of Scranton Chapter President), Kayla Price, Julian Hassan (both of whom are also members of the Scranton YAL Chapter), David Haas (YAL Pennsylvania State Chair), and Keith Carlsen (YAL Northeast Regional Director).

Right from the get-go YAL was represented on the Student Activism Panel by Sarah Harvard, President of the Young Americans for Liberty at American University Chapter. The panel covered effective student activism on campus, and Sarah’s success at American U. was highlighted. After a few words by Dr. Jim Lark, who delivered a speech at the YAL 2012 National Convention, the conference was broken into three separate breakout sessions.

PA State Chair David Haas, and Northeast Regional Director Keith Carlsen teach the "Ins and outs" of effective campus activism.

One of the sessions was “Student Organizing 101”, which was presented by Young Americans for Liberty. The presentation, hosted by David Haas and Keith Carlsen, covered important ways to grow and maintain your student liberty organization on campus, as well as effective outreach towards prospective student activists. During the talk, fun and relevant questions were asked and books were handed out to the attentive audience members. After the presentation, the conference wrapped up with a speech by Dr. Alan Kors, co-founder of Foundation for Individual Rights in Education , and a fun liberty social event attended by YAL members.

All in all, it was a great day for liberty, and truly highlighted how large the liberty movement had grown as well as how popular it would be for generations to come!

“Student Organizing 101”

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