YAL at SUNY Albany Hosts Liberty in North Korea!

On November 13, the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at the University at Albany hosted an event featuring the Northeast Nomads of Liberty in North Korea!

Much planning and dedication went into this event. Our chapter President had been in contact with Liberty in North Korea since early September. It was then that the date and time were selected, and from there the planning process continued throughout the year.

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By the time November came and tabling was booked, it was up to our members to promote the event to the general campus population. We were able to achieve this by use of our Facebook page, which has a large on campus following thanks to the hard work of our eBoard and their promotion of our group.

We also tabled for three days in the busiest section of campus, near the Campus Center. During tabling, we were able to hand out fliers to students and inform them of the interactive and multimedia nature of the Liberty in North Korea event.

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Finally the night of November 13 had come, and snow began to fall across Albany. This was the first snowfall of the year, and in a bit of an ironic fate, for our chapter had hosted LiNK last year on the day of the last snowfall of winter.

As the event drew nearer the crowd in the room grew to about twenty-five people, just as expected for our turnout. The event went off without a hitch. It was informative and well received by the students in attendance. 

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