YAL at SUU’s End the War on YOUth!

Participant Ending the War on YOUth

It’s the end of the semester, and the amazing people in the Southern Utah University (SUU) YAL chapter agreed with me that we should end it with a bang!  We ordered the End the War on YOUth activism kit and got started, though with the caveat that if they got one of the balls into the buckets they could throw a pie in Obama’s face, one of our faces, or later (after someone asked) at their share of the national debt.

Obama: covered in pie, but still smiling

The event got some mixed responses from people who felt it was disrespectful to pies at Obama; however, the vast majority of passers-by at least laugh and many joined in and had a great time.  I must admit, I probably had a little too much fun coming up with things for Obama to ask people which ranged from, “The NSA told me you’d like to throw a pie in my face.  It’s ok.  There are no secrets with me.” to, “Let me be clear.  These are tough times our country is in, and we got pull together and do our fair share of throwing pies in my face.” 

Michael Ginsburg Covered in Pie

The event proper was a huge success as well.  Several people were absolutely shocked by the massive number which there share of the federal debt.  One person even exclaimed, “But I didn’t spend that!”  A few conversations were struck up by questions about the topics on the bucket, and the participants were eager to talk and many took literature to learn more.  Michael Ginsburg and Colby Lyons from our club deserve special mention here.  They came out to help set up and manage the booth and did amazing jobs helping everyone to fun while picking up conversations on libertarian positions.

William Jergins (Myself) Covered in Pie

At the end of the day, we totaled fifteen sign-ups in all and had a lot of fun.  I feel this even was a success, especially coming so late in the semester.  We also invited all the signups to our closing social/barbecue next week where we hope to make our new members “stick,” so we can get the next semester off right where we left this one: with a bang!

Participant Pieing Obama 2

Participant Pieing Obama

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