YAL at the Mount First Recruitment Event 

On Thursday, November 30th, I hosted Mount St. Mary’s University chapter’s first activism event. It was a membership drive, and we tabled in the dining hall. I set up the table with a number of the YAL information handouts, stickers, and pocket Constitutions. I greeted every student who walked by the table, and a few came up and asked what I was advertising for. I explained to them what YAL is, and to those who had any interest in politics, asked them what political and social issues they cared about the most. I gave them the liberty perspective on these issues, invited them to sign up, and come to the meeting at 6pm that night. Some signed up at this time, while others wanted to think about it, so I encouraged them to take one of each of the handouts and come check us out at the meeting. I also told everyone I talked to to tell their friends to come check us out. I got about a dozen signups while tabling, and gave out many more of the handouts, the pocket Constitutions being the most popular. The turn out at the meeting wasn’t as good, but there were a few people who were able to follow through. Looking forward to getting back out there next semester to #MakeLibertyWin.


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