YAL at the Texas Republican State Convention

Young Americans For Liberty had the honor of tabling recently at the Republican Party of Texas’ state convention, where Congressman Ron Paul spoke and also hosted a breakout session. While YAL is a non-partisan organization, it’s always worthwhile when our members have the chance to reach outside of our normal student oriented sphere and discuss the importance of integrating a liberty-minded viewpoint into the mainstream of political discourse.


And the good news is that the response we received from the Texans we interacted with was overwhelmingly positive! Individuals from all age groups were incredibly responsive to the notion that there’s a place for the increasingly libertarian youth within the two party system. People also seemed to understand that it’s a net benefit for society that the 18-29 age group appears to be embracing libertarian ideas at a growing rate. I’m very happy to report that our literature went fast — especially the latest copy of Young American Revolution!


I certainly walked away from the experience with the notion that Republicans, at least in Texas, are open-minded toward young liberty minded individuals who want to participate in party politics. This is a good sign for the future, and it speaks to why we’re committed at Young Americans For Liberty, to training young activists on the most effective ways to work within the political system. (Hence our upcoming fourth annual National Convention).


And of course, anyone who signed up to receive more information about what we’re up to at YAL was able to walk away with one of our lovely stickers! Overall, I’d say the event was a great success and that we influenced a lot of Republicans toward understanding how important for the future groups like YAL that promote intellectual diversity are. It was also a pleasure to connect with students or parents of students who will be bringing themselves and others into the YAL fold as the fall 2012 semester gets under way.


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