YAL at the University of California-San Deigo

The newly updated chapter at USCD conducted a protest of Nancy Pelosi and her policy choices. I will let Ankur Chawla, the new YAL chapter president,  explain the feeling of the day:

The Nancy Pelosi protest up in Irvine, CA was our first real event as an official UCSD-YAL club.  It was funny because we had an officer meeting the day before where we kind of spontaneously decided to drive up to Irvine with some SDSU-YAL students for the Nancy Pelosi protest as a celebration to kick start our club approval.

When we got to the hotel where the protest was taking place, we met John Dennis, Pelosi’s opponent in the 2010 elections.

And boy oh boy was the protest growing.  People were showing up by the droves.  There was so much support at the protest that it really gave me a good feeling about the things us “little people” can accomplish if we stand together.  There must have been upwards of 300 people surrounding the hotel, all yelling as policemen wearily eyed and even took video footage of the protest.  Weaving through the “Don’t Tread on Me” flags, the “So Far change sucks!” posters, and my personal favorite, the “Ride your broom instead of your plane!” posters (aimed at Pelosi’s private government-paid jet), I met so many interesting people that this is an experience I will not soon forget.  Libertarians, neoconservatives, or people who just didn’t like what they were seeing in their government, it did not matter what school of thought these people came from.  Standing together, they protested and yelled and literally blocked off all entrances to the hotel holding the Pelosi fundraising dinner.

Some of these pictures capture the great moments that I was lucky enough to be a part of.  There was the happy-go-lucky Tea Partier waving around his gigantic yellow gadsden flag.  There was John Dennis, walking around talking to people.  And who could forget the sweet old lady walking around parading her anti-Pelosi posters?  There was even a misguided soul who thought I was a fool for being a conservative even though I am not white (apparently the amount of melanin in your skin is a factor in the politics you believe in.  Who knew?).  In the end, with Del Taco in our tummies, we drove home happy and excited for the movement that we just so happened to be a part of.

Funny enough, by the time we left Nancy Pelosi still had not shown up.  Apparently she had been “running late.”  I wonder, could this lateness have had anything to do with the hundreds of people condemning her outside her own fundraiser?






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