YAL at the University of Michigan – Dearborn does Generation of War!

On Monday UM-D YAL participated in our first official activism as an official chapter. We used a Generation of War kit, graciously loaned to us by State Chair Moe Shuman. It was really interesting to be able to engage the students about the US’s interventionist foreign policy.

We got many strange looks, but there were many open to our message. It was a bit of a slow day on campus, but we had a great time. There was one student who passed by while some students were doing the Pin the Drone on the Warzone, who flipped us off and said “f**k war.” I’m not sure if he misinterpreted our message or was just agreeing with us in a more vulgar manner.

This was a great way to let students on campus know who we are. We are excited to be able to do more activism in the future!

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