YAL at the University of Michigan’s Winterfest

On Tuesday, January 10th our chapter hosted a Spring Recruitment Drive at our campus’s Winterfest. We had multiple members stop by to help. We also talked to hundreds of fellow students about the ideals of liberty. By the end of the event we gained twenty new members! Additionally, many of them expressed interest in joining us on our trip to the YAL 2017 Pittsburgh Spring Summit and to Washington D.C. for the 2017 International Students For Liberty Conference.

It was a huge success and was a great way to get our name better known on campus. We would not have done nearly as well if it had not been for the Recruitment Kit sent to us through YAL. With the tablecloth making us look professional and the various posters catching students’ eyes it allowed for us start the conversation and stand out from the dozens of other tables that were there. By the end of the event a large portion of our supplies had been distributed and we can now expect to see YAL gear much more prevalent on campus. We hope all of our future recruitment drives can be just as successful.

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