YAL at the University of Missouri is Rising Fast!

YAL at the University of Missouri was basically inactive before I became YAL’s Missouri State Chairman. What is worse, the vestige of the defunct MU chapter, at the time of my arrival, had only seven members of whom just two were active, so YAL @ the state’s largest college campus, was, for all intents and purposes, on life support.

But now — with some hard work from the chapter’s president, Ethan Robinett, and myself — YAL at MU is waking from its slumber and ready to shake up the the grounds of the university; it has grown in a mere three months to nearly 15 members, 8 of whom are very active. All this has occurred before the chapter even gained official school recognition.

Now that the chapter is recognized, the sky is the limit. We are now allowed, for the first time in more than a year, to participate in activism events and hold chapter meetings on campus. Needless to say, all of the YAL’s MU members are quite excited to begin engaging in activism events on campus.

Our first tabling event (devoted to recruitment) on Friday, November, 30th was a smashing success; we signed up more than 25 students to our email list! I expect to gather more than 45 YAL members at MU by the end of next semester. Here are a smattering of photos from our first tabling event:







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