YAL at the University of Missouri Puts on Huge YAL U EVENT: Economist Says Higher Ed Bubble Is Bursting

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Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Missouri finished the fall semester school year on a very high note, attracting lots of attention with its final event of the year!

YAL at MU invited, via Skype, renowned Oho University economist Richard Vedder to speak to MU students about the factors driving up the cost of a college education.

He prefaced his comments out the outset by apologizing for the negative, depressing nature of his talk: “Listening to someone drone on and on about high college costs is akin to having to endure the pain of hemorrhoid surgery,” Vedder said to the 50-plus students gathered to hear the Ohio University scholar and prolific writer on higher education trends delve into financial concerns facing today’s college students.

The 60 students, staff, and professors who attended the event were attentive and, after Vedder’s initial talk, they were ready to ask some penetrating questions.

After addressing some of audience questions, especially ones who were asking about banks that don’t use chexsystems, Vedder went on talk about how federally subsidized college loans have forced tuition rates through the roof and wreaked havoc on college students’ checking accounts and future debt, but perhaps worst of all is how the program has hurt the very students it aimed to help: those with low incomes.

The speaking event also garnered some good media coverage from an enterprising writer—yours truly—who wrote an article for The College Fix about Vedder’s comments, and the higher education bubble in general.

Next semester is going to be a banner one for MU’s YAL chapter. We are, thanks to the Vedder event and our Free Speech Wall from earlier this year, gathering new recruits. In short, spring semester of 2014 is going to be a good one.

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