YAL at the Wisconsin C4L 2010 Convention

This past weekend I attended the Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty 2010 Annual Convention.  What an amazing event!  I had the privilege of speaking about YAL at this event (video coming soon), and I tabled for the organization as well.  My favorite speakers from the event are Ed Thompson, Tim Nerenz, and of course Austrian economist Yuri Maltsev.

One huge success from this event was fundraising for YAL.  At the end of my speech I mentioned that a $10 donation will get you a YAL pocket Constitution with a forward by Ron Paul that appears in no other pocket Constitution.  The donations then came pouring in for the rest of the day!  Chapters take note: Tabling at a philosophically-friendly event is a great way to raise funds. (Focal point of donations shown below.)

YAL Table

I also got to meet Yuri Maltsev after his speech and he signed his book for me.

Yuri and Barry

I will share better photos and video when I get my hands on them.

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