YAL at UCI Fights for Free Speech

Young Americans for Liberty at UCI, working with the College Republican club on the same campus, showed up in force to make the most of Freedom Day. Tabling went well and the Free Speech Wall on display was filled up quickly with a colorful array of opinions, words, and memes. Pocket Constitutions and other materials were distributed generously.
Signing the Wall
 The Liberty Crew
When time for the debut screening of “Can We Take a Joke?” came, everyone was excited. However, 40 minutes into the movie, the fire alarms went off blaring. No fire or smoke was detected and the circumstances were suspicious. They went on for nearly half an hour, and our audience mostly dispersed except for a few.
Debut Screening
We had to cancel the event and talk to the director of the movie himself, an alumnus of our campus. Was our attempt to spark conversation on censorship censored? The investigation is ongoing. You can watch video of the fire alarm in the attached video.
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