YAL at UCI Gets the Free Speech Ball Rolling

On September 29th, Week 1 of UCI’s Fall Quarter, Young Americans for Liberty executed their biggest tabling event yet. A crew of liberty allies from universities as far as Los Angeles, the Leadership Institute’s Nathan Fatal, and our very own all-star Regional Director Erin Yeoman showed up in force. From dawn till afternoon we enticed curious passers by with our 12 foot beach ball, encouraging them to express themselves in ink. By the end, there was hardly an unmarked space on the ball! Nearly 200 people signed their name to the cause of standing with free speech on all UC campuses. Administration leered and glared, but they did not object. With such a huge amount of participants, the event cannot be called anything but a big success thanks to all the help we had. We even made it multiple times onto the official UCI snapchat!

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