YAL at UCI Visualizes the Debt

On March 31st the YAL chapter at the University of California – Irvine hauled 15 slabs of wood to the center of our campus for one thing: To show the world the enormity of our country’s national debt.
Debt Event 1
We had people staring with open mouths and asking us questions all day. At a staggering 19.2 trillion, the debt crisis facts shocked many of our fellow Anteaters. Between painting the debt clock on March 30th and starting the event on campus on the morning of March 31st, only the first four out of fourteen numbers of our clock were still accurate.
Debt Event 2
Members of our club and other allied clubs such as the College Republicans of UCI turned out to help us field questions and gather sign-ups. It was great to be a part of this activism event!
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