YAL at UCLA Starts Year Off Strong!

Secretary Theodore Nguyen speaks to interested student.

On the 22 of September, members of the Young Americans for Liberty at UCLA braved the California sun to pull off a successful recruitment effort at UCLA’s Enormous Activities Fair.

A student gets scored after taking the quiz!

To attract students to our booth, we utilized the trusted political spectrum chart and the world’s shortest political quiz. Our members invited students to take a quick minute to determine their political philosophy using the quiz, and we then placed their scores on the chart. More often than not, students were surprised at how libertarian they scored, as they had previously thought themselves to be solidly left-leaning!

Student signing up for our weekly newsletter.

The results were very encouraging, as we amassed more than 100 sign-ups and identified a handful of potential leaders of our chapter. Upon follow-up with our sign-ups, we were able to attract double-digit attendance at our first weekly meeting (on September 30) – our highest turnout in years.

Chapter President Justin Clum speaks at our first weekly meeting.

YAL at UCLA looks forward to a strong quarter filled with activism, socials, and liberty!

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