YAL at UH hosts Adam Kokesh – For The Love of FREEDOM!

The YAL chapter at University of Houston hosted Adam Kokesh on his “For The Love of FREEDOM!” tour Tuesday, Sept. 6th. The event was a huge success, and according to Adam it had twice the number of people come out than when he came to Houston just the year before!

Adam Kokesh is an Iraq veteran who started his activism as a part of Iraq Veterans Against the War, and soon grew to other aspects of liberty activism and civil disobedience, like dancing at the Jefferson Memorial (which is surprisingly a crime), to advocating for an end to drug prohibition, to hosting a show on Youtube that was picked up on RT. Adam’s latest venture, is his book FREEDOM!, which he’s touring the country to promote.

The event hosted speakers such as local activist Derrick Broze, and even statewide Libertarian candidates like Mark Ash who is running for Texas Criminal Court of Appeals place 2, the night wasn’t just about how great freedom and liberty is, we all agree on that, but how do we get there, and how do we spread the message more effectively. Adam’s goal in writing his book FREEDOM! is to take the best aspects of appeal from the liberty canon, and combine them in a short and effective tool in convincing those who haven’t heard the message yet, or haven’t been reached by it to consider how their lives can be better without intervention. Adam’s message in FREEDOM! is a loving, peaceful, philosophical, and moral way of looking at Liberty. We at the UH YAL chapter were honored to host Adam in his Houston stop on a 48 state tour! To other chapters on the tour route, you might look into reaching out to him and see if they need a venue, or just attend your local stop as a way to reach out to local liberty community members! It’s a great way for YAL chapters to make an impact on and off campus!

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