YAL at UIS stands up against NSA Spying

During Constitution Week, Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Illinois-Springfield decided to take a stand against mass surveillance and NSA spying!

Students Signing Anti Surveillance Petitions

Our chapter targeted students attending the Constitution Day lecture on campus and took action. Armed with pocket Constitutions and petitions, we talked to students who walked by or entered the event.  We offered them a pocket Constitution and asked them how they felt about government spying. While there were many enthusiastic signatures, there were also plenty of unconcerned responses.

Collecting Signatures

“I’m not concerned because I don’t have anything to hide,” remarked one student. I asked her if she kept a password on her Facebook or a passcode on her phone. We seized many of these teachable moments and even persuaded many of these students to sign our petitions.

We were able to talk to many students about the degradation of the Fourth Amendment and what it means for privacy.  The response was overwhelmingly positive, and we were able to demonstrate to students why privacy rights matter!

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