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The YAL chapter at the University of Delaware encourages and welcomes people from all across the political spectrum to join in and discuss current events and issues about Liberty. It has become the melting pot of political views and has helped our chapter continue to grow every semester. Between last semester and the current semester the club size has doubled and a larger meeting room was needed in order to hold the nightly club gathering.
During the RSO fair our YAL chapter offered a quick political quiz for students to take in order to peak their interest. Many signed up but it’s important to always keep them interested. This is a simple fix on our side that simply involves more of an enthusiastic push.
A big topic this chapter will be focusing on this semester is NSA spying. Members of our YAL chapter will be dressing up as agents in a high traffic area with boom mikes and have facts up about the NSA to peak interest in the issue. Another topic we will try to focus on is the free speech dilemma. With the rise of safe zones on college campuses we plan on showing the beauty of free speech by having members wear white shirts with the YAL logo on them. We will then allow students to write whatever they want on the shirts.
This grabs people’s attention, informs them of free speech, and also promotes YAL and can result in more students joining. A fresh new idea recently brought to light for YAL is the issue of draft age and drinking age. As of now the idea is to make shirts and a banner with a design on it and the slogan “Old enough to die not old enough to drink.” 
With tons of new faces and plenty of fresh ideas, the University of Delaware YAL chapter is booming and full of enthusiasm. 
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