YAL at University of Georgia Off to a Fast Start

YAL UGA was re-established in August 2016. We have hosted a variety of speakers this Spring semester. Our speakers have discussed topics including, but not limited to, North Korea, political activism, local politics, free trade vs. protectionism, and free-market capitalism as opposed to crony capitalism.

Our first speaker was a student activist and former YAL campus leader at a different university.

Our second speaker was GA GOP representative to the 2016 GOP Convention, Greg Williams. Greg is a great friend of mine and he is one of my mentors.

Our final speaker was Foundation for Economic Education President, Lawrence Reed. He gave a talk on “Free Trade vs. Protectionism” to an audience of around 50 individuals.

We are fortunate for our growth in membership and brand, and we will continue to grow as an organization. 

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