YAL at USF recruits, rearranges, and kicks off the semester!

The Young Americans for Liberty at the University of South Florida rang in the spring semester with a successful recruitment drive where fellow USF Bulls were invited to join the chapter for the clubs “Liberty 101” informational. Fellow students were educated on all the basics of liberty from tax reform, to civil liberties, and everything in between.

Byron and Jerry recruiting

With the recent resignation of the chapter’s President and Treasurer, the Young Americans for Liberty were faced with the task of electing new officers. Following the resignation of former President Anthony Davis, the chapter’s Vice President Vince McCoige stepped up to the plate and took the initiative to lead the club for the rest of the spring semester. With Vince’s former office of Vice President now empty, the chapter’s Secretary, Katerina Salamis, decided to run for the now empty position and was elected by an overwhelming majority.

This presented the club with two new challenges:  appointing a new Secretaryand  electing a new Treasurer. Longtime member, Air Force veteran, and political activist Michael Swartz was elected to be the club’s new Treasurer, and newcomer Matt Beller was appointed at his request to take the clubs position as Secretary. Thus, with the exception of Historian, Tyler Muench, every officer position in the club is now held by someone new.  We’re off to a good start in 2012!


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