YAL at USF remains active recruiting members and enlightening minds on ‘Bull Markets’ by Brian C. Cole

Every Wednesday at “Bull Market,” The Young Americans for Liberty at the University of South Florida (USF) actively recruits members and awakens unenlightened minds across the college campus.

YAL at USF hands out pocket Constitutions, registers people to vote, and educates students unaware of their Constitutional rights.  In remaining non-partisan, YAL ensures everyone attending USF is aware of all of their party registration choices, and know about every option available for local, state, and federal offices in this November’s upcoming election.


Through the “Incarceration Nation” project. YAL at USF surprises its colleagues with knowledge about laws the uninformed are unaware they are breaking.  YAL at USF also stands strong in its support in the Second Amendment, using a flag with an AR-15 imprinted upon it with the message “Come and take it!” 

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