YAL at UW-Milwaukee takes over student org fair!

YAL at UWM kicked off our fall semester with a recruitment drive during the Org Fair!


Six of our most dedicated members came out to help recruit at the table, which truly made it the busiest table at the fair. 


For the first time, we utilized speakers at our table and shuffled the Turn Up Midwest playlist, making an awesome atmosphere. 

The World’s Smallest Political Quiz was our best tool in showing all kinds of students that their views actually line up closer with Ron Paul than Hillary Clinton, with most of our answers lying in centrist to libertarian! 


We ended the 3 hour table with over 80 sign ups! A few hours later, we hosted a follow up meeting where president Matt Sama gave a presentation about what YAL is, and every attendee talked about their own philosophy and reason for signing up. It was our best table yet!

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