YAL at UW – Platteville Endures University Blunders, Bad Weather

Our newly revived chapter here at the University of Wisconsin – Platteville is full of individuals who are committed to defending our rights, and I am proud to say we did not let nasty weather nor university bureaucracy hamper us. 

The university’s initial attempt at our Involvement Fair (where campus clubs and organizations show themselves to potential recruits), was ruined by mismanagement. They called off the event for rain, although it was sunny the entire day. Everybody in our chapter was all ready and exciting to go recruit.

They moved it to the next day, Thursday, when not so many of us were free. It also meant we had to make emergency plans to get the table there in time. Without a car here in town, we had to carry the supplies and poster all day in class. Alas, the weather truly was nasty this time, and they canceled the event again and rescheduled it for this upcoming week.

We were not going to let the weather and sure as heck were not going to let the university ruin our recruitment efforts. We went out on our own and set up a table in our student center Friday, the very next day, and were out in force promoting liberty.

We got a stunningly positive reaction. We tabled with the “find out your political ideology” set up. Many people found out there were libertarian, and many people who already identified with us and the ideals of liberty, found they were even more libertarian than they thought. 

Before our tabling time expired, we got five signups in under an hour. We made headway. We turned heads and got attention. And we are only beginning. 

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