YAL at UWG- First Tabling Event

Our chapter had our first tabling event at our school’s organizational fair on August 15th and 16th. We gathered almost a 120 signatures over the two days and our membership numbers increased as a result. The goal was to get our name out there and get our fellow students to understand our purpose. This year’s goal is to address our administration’s lack of budget accountability and to take care of any student issues that spring up over the course of the year. We found that by making liberty a student issue, students were more receptive than presenting them information that seems political in nature. 

The regional coordinator from the Leadership Institute tabled with us the second day. He was a big help as far as making our table stand out and attracting different kinds of students. As a group we learned that students are turned off by political sounding pitches, but will stay and listen to a message that incorporates something that deals with student life on campus. As a whole the tabling was very successful and we will capitalize on the momentum. 

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