YAL at Vassar Makes Waves

We had a productive year at Vassar College which saw our members on Fox and ABC News, Legal Insurrection, the NY Daily News and other influential outlets. Part of our success was thanks to accepting YAL’s offer for free pizza along with a YAL U training session on campus activism.

This was a heartening sight to see!

Our YAL banner even made it on the front page of the school newspaper. After our member Luka Ladan ’15 made an appearance on national television, the banner accompanied an article titled, Campus conservatives feel alienated among dialogues. In just a year, we have redefined the political landscape for libertarian and conservative students on Vassar’s home turf.

YAL Banner

We have made quite a splash at Vassar. Stay tuned to hear more about our achievements this semester in the upcoming weeks.

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