YAL beginnings at Jacksonville State University

A few years ago there was a small libertarian/political economy club at Jacksonville State University, however; over time it died off due to many people being busy with schoolwork and the like.

Over the years I continued learn more and more about libertarianism and classical liberalism, and I yearned for a classically liberal club to return to Jacksonville State University.


Last semester, I was contacted by the UAB-YAL chapter, and they asked if there was an active YAL chapter at JSU, and I told them no, but I was interesting in starting or rather re-starting one.  So, my vice president, Willow Blanks, other helpful YAL chapters, SFL(Students for Liberty), other liberty minded organizations, and I helped with restarting the chapter at Jacksonville State University.

More Tabling!

Last semester we held two meetings, and around five to ten people turned out to it, and it went very well! We had a interest meeting and discussed several ideas pertaining to libertarian thought. We also held a movie night as well last semester.

This semester we had our first meeting in mid February, and had about five people show up, but the discussion was good. We also tabled towards the end of February, and had a few people stop by our table. We’re planning on having a meeting after spring break, and we’ll hopefully have an ‘incarceration nation’ event as well as continued tabling events, and we’re hoping to have some speaker events planned for next semester.

All in all, we’re starting out slowly, but we hope to have the JSU-YAL up and running on campus next semester with great ideas and great students to listen to them!

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