YAL begins at Rocky

School started, and YAL recruitment went in to full swing this past week at Rocky Mountain College

Bella Goss and I set up a table at the events fair to try to seek out possible YAL club members for the year. Complete with Turning Point USA posters and stickers, we were able to attract quite a few freshman to come to our meeting which will be held tonight, Wednesday, August 31.  We have high hopes that many of them will show up and stay committed to our new club.

There seemed to be mainly positive responses to the club, but I will admit, a few people scowled when they saw the “socialism sucks” posters and stickers. Today, I did a bit of recruiting with Joshua Platillero from the Leadership Institute. This will be one of the only political clubs on campus, and we’re hoping people will recognize that and join us for meetings, events, and discussions.

Rocky, being such a small school, has great potential for this sort of club. I see it being an avenue for many political science students to start their career. I am excited to spread some liberty and get this club going on campus!

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