YAL @ Belmont University: Generation of War

The Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Belmont University had our most successful showing on campus with our Generation of War activism project and convocation event.

Our activism event took place on Monday, April 1st in Belmont’s cafeteria. We deployed the game Pin The Drone on the Warzone, which informed students about America’s numerous wars and foreign policy interventions.

Pin the Drone on the Warzone

We also created a poster board which displayed a list of all children killed in Pakistan and Yemen by U.S. drone strikes. For the sake of comparison, we included a list of children killed by gun violence at Columbine and Sandy Hook Elementary. This brought out the emotions of many students. We wanted to address the hypocrisy of President Obama’s intent on saving the lives of children at home while he destroys the lives of children abroad.

GOW Poster Board

With the help of Antiwar.com’s Angela Keaton and Nick Hankoff, we were able to host two speakers: Michael Maharrey, National Communications Director of The 10th Amendment Center and Adam House, Iraq War Combat Veteran and libertarian activist.

On April 8th, we hosted our Generation of War convocation event. Belmont University requires it’s students to earn 50 hours of convocation credit before graduation. We were successful in adding our Generation of War event to the convocation schedule, which attracted students to our event like Keynesians to tax dollars. At one point we were standing room only!

GOW Convocation Audience

Mike Maharrey gave a very informative analysis of the deterioration of our civil liberties since 9/11, touching on everything from The Patriot Act, The TSA, NDAA and our country’s growing use of drones.

Mike Maharrey

Adam House offered his take on “patriotism” and his experience with the traumatic effects of war. He also challenged the Republican/Democrat establishment when it comes to protecting our liberties: “Neither party [cares] about you!”

Adam House

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