YAL @ Belmont University’s Spring Semester Launch

Winston Churchill once said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal.” For Young Americans for Liberty at Belmont University, we recognize success has been the theme for an incredible year that has seen our chapter grow 600 percent in membership.

Spring Recruitment Drive 1

If there is one piece of advice we can offer, it is that recruitment is not once a semester. It is every day. Utilize each opportunity, formal and informal, to seek out potential YALers and never be content with your current achievements. In our first semester alone, we hosted tabling and activism events, biweekly seminar-based meetings, and the executive state director of the Tenth Amendment Center, Michael Lotfi — a man who has played a major role in the nationwide push to nullify Obamacare through state legislatures.

Tenth Amendment Center executive state director Michael Lotfi discusses SCOTUS

With the new semester officially underway, we launched our spring recruitment drive on February 25. Stationed in the university cafeteria, we were able to connect with the hundreds of students who pass through in any given hour. In addition to the World’s Smallest Political Quiz, every book and recruitment material provided by Nationals was on display and for the taking. Multiple rotating members manned the table at all times, and we received a healthy number of sign-ups. Our subsequent meeting was conveniently scheduled two days later so as to provide interested students an immediate avenue to get engaged with the chapter.


With more prominent speakers and events planned for the coming months, we in Nashville, Tennessee, cannot wait to see what the future holds. Best of luck to all of YAL’s 500+ fellow chapters!

Spring Recruitment Drive 7

Spring Recruitment Drive 6

Spring Recruitment Drive 5

Spring Recruitment Drive 4

Spring Recruitment Drive 3

Spring Recruitment Drive 2

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