YAL Blogger’s Letter to the Editor Contest

Open only to YAL Bloggers-EXCLUDING ME

I can already tell that YAL has a team of passionate writers/bloggers. Now it’s time to prove your passion. Over the course of the next seven days, I personally challenge each of the YAL bloggers to sit down and write a “Letter to the Editor” for your local city and state newspaper(s) to help increase awareness in yor neighborhood and state about the Young Americans for Liberty and their website. At the end of the seven days, I will place your LTTD on my Press website for the YAL management team, Jeff H., Jeff F., Chris, Robert, etc; to read and choose the winning LTTE. Be sure to check your local papers on letter submission guidelines because we want them to publish your letter. They probably will not publish a letter if it’s bashing the government…:-) These are the letter requirements for the contest:

1. Be conscious of the newspapers clients-most are still asleep
2. Be specific of the mission and goals of YAL
3. Offer a friendly invitation to be part of a growing, exciting youth movement for liberty
4. Be sure to include the web address in the ‘body’ of the letter so it’s not left out of the LTTE
5. Keep it within the LTTE’s submission guidelines (i.e. number of words permitted, etc.)

Make sure you include the web address to YAL in the BODY of the letter itself. If you want to include it under your name as well, that’s fine. However, from previous experience, the editor left off the web address and unfortunately, I didn’t include the address in the body of the letter. Don’t worry, this was years ago and i was writing for something else.
The winner, as selected by the YAL management team, will receive Herman Melville’s classic book titled, “Moby Dick”, published by Easton Press located in Norwalk, CT. Moby Dick is also referred to as “The Whale”. This is NOT a cheap paperback version and it’s in mint condition. This is a harcover book that’s bound in genuine leather, accented with 22kt gold, and is considered a collectors edition. A beautiful addition to your personal library. My wife paid $69.95 for this book several years ago for my literary library. My mother also purchased one for me. She didn’t know my wife already bought me one. If I only had one copy, I would not be offering it up as a prize. You can find it on Amazon, the collectors edition for around $60 to $200 used. There are other copies, non-collectors edition in mint condition going for about $35.

NOTE TO MANAGEMENT: This little contest is meant to increase awareness of the YAL movement and it’s website. If this is against the rules, please remove this post.

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