YAL Brings Free Market Ideas to Cal State-Fullerton

We were able to utilize our Free Markets 101 activism kit at two events on campus hosted by the university.

Rags or Riches

First, we used ‘Rags-or-Riches’ at Discoverfest, which is our biggest recruitment drive of each semester.  Many students were very surprised to learn where the United States ranks among other countries in economic freedom.  Once they saw how restrictive U.S. economic policies are, we were able to explain to them how countries with greater economic liberty experienced greater prosperity.

This event was a success for our recruitment efforts, we got more than 45 new students to join our mailing list.

Students learning of the Fatal Conceit of central planning through Jenga-nomics

We were invited to participate in our campus’ Advocacy Awareness day two weeks after Discoverfest, where different advocacy groups on campus were showcased.  We received a Jenga-nomics kit in the mail in the days between the two events.

Jenga-nomics was very popular at this event.  It was a fantastic tool to educate people about the dangers of centralized economic planning and redistribution.  In addition to being a fun, over-sized version of “Jenga” which drew quite a bit of attention from students, the game truly helped students to visualize what we were talking about with the instability in economies due to government policy.

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