YAL @ Cal State-Dominguez Hills celebrates Constitution Week

We at Cal State-DH YAL had a very good Constitution Week involving three different events. We planned this several weeks in advance by reserving the necessary space. We also received several shipments of materials for Constitution Week from YAL National, and we paid for the events using a grant from YAL and our student government.

In the process of advertising the events we contacted over 70 clubs on campus, spoke in several classes, sent the information to dozens of professors and department heads, and posted flyers all over campus.

On September 15 we hosted the SoCal ACLU who came down for a forum on the status of civil liberties today in the United States. We had 22 people attend! The discussion ranged from NSA spying to the militarization of police. The event concluded with a Q & A session between the students and the ACLU staff.


On September 17, we tabled outside the student union to teach students their rights when dealing with the police. To help in this endeavor, we passed out pocket Constitutions and business cards containing information concerning students’ rights when they are pulled over while driving or approached by police at home.

Over the course of three hours we passed out over a 1,000 of these cards, and overall the students were excited about the knowledge!

Handing out fliers

On September 18, we rented one of the ballrooms on campus to show a “Flex Your Rights” documentary. We had 17 people attend! We also passed out more pocket Constitutions and gained more attention for our club. 

Over the course of Constitution Week we achieved several milestones. We signed up another 17 people for the chapter while at the same time gaining broad attention across campus. We also formed a number of coalitions with other clubs on campus, with whom we will cooperate on future events. We established a name for ourselves with professors who were eager to share our organization with their students. And finally, we gained credibility as an organization fighting for civil liberties and the Constitution!

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