YAL Cal State-Dominguez Hills Recruitment

The Young Americans for Liberty at California State University-Dominguez Hills had its Spring Recruitment Drive on Wednesday February 3rd, 2016. We tabled from 10:30am-2pm on the North Lawn of the campus. 


We noticed that the campus had placed our table in a grassy area with the other clubs that were away from the main walkways. However, we did let this stop us from recruiting. We had a lot of curious students coming up to our tables who were interested in what our club was saying. 

Throughout the course of the day, we talked to many different students from all backgrounds and majors. We used the political quiz as a way to judge the political alignment of the students. We found that the vast majority of people were not aligned with the left or right and were open to the ideas of liberty. 


Over the course of the day we were able to sign up over 40 new members to our club. So far it is a good start to the semester and we want to continue to have a successful Spring semester.

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