YAL @ Carthage College: First and Second Recruitment Drives

At the beginning of September, we had our very first recruitment drive at our school’s annual Organization Fair. Over 100 student orgs were represented there, but the YAL table still got plenty of traffic, mostly curious incoming freshmen.

We were able to engage with many of them and talk about YAL and the ideas of liberty. Some had even heard of YAL before and were quite enthusiastic about getting involved!

Me at the Org Fair Table

Overall we got about 25 sign-ups for the club. We’ve been having regular Thursday meetings with moderate success in getting people involved. It’s been an uphill battle fighting against the general apathy on campus, but we went out and tabled again last Thursday to engage with even more students. After plotting most of them on our political views chart, we found that most were left-leaning or more centrist. Still, we had a great time learning what issues were most important to people and finding common ground.

We’re still just getting started this semester, and our numbers are slowly but surely growing. I expect that our chapter will experience a surge of life this year.

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