YAL Central Oregon Community College First Tabling Event!

So, we finally decided to transfer our Youth for Ron Paul chapter to Young Americans for Liberty up at the college. To celebrate this historic move YAL@ COCC, decided to hold our first tabling event on Oct 11. We wanted to draw a lot of attention, so we went bold and did a combined Audit the Fed and pro-Measure 80 (a bill to legalize marijuana in Oregon) theme.

Our table set up.

Our table was a smashing success! One of our guys ordered some-custom made Measure 80 tee shirts and stickers. People grabbed those up like wildfire! We also made and gave out informational flyers and explained how drug prohibition is unconstitutional.


Measure 80

We also gathered signatures to audit the Federal Reserve and handed out Federal Reserve fact sheets. We told interested people that we’re planning on taking copies of the petitions to both of Oregon’s Senators (who still need to sign on to S. 202, the current Audit the Fed bill in the Senate) if we get enough signatures and ask them to sign onto S. 202. I think I have 13 full pages of signatures!

Spreading some Austrian Economics

The Cons:

We also got a lot of… interesting… people to come to our table. We really wanted to do something that was catchy and would draw a lot of attention to us. Drug prohibition certainly took the cake. So, in our latest meeting we  decided we needed a different theme for our next tabling event. We don’t want to be considered the “pot heads” of the college.

The Pros:

As frustrating and difficult as it is to explain the Federal Reserve to somebody who has probably thought our dollar is still backed by ALL that gold in Fort Knox (…insert sigh of frustration…) in 15 seconds or less — and then get to why we need his/her signature to Audit the Fed, I was genuinely surprised by the amount of people who knew what we were talking about! It is very motivating to see somebody approach your table and say “F— the Fed! Where do I sign?!”

Lessons Learned:

We tried to tell people what YAL is all about, that we were Young Americans for Liberty, etc. But it kind of sucked because we didn’t have any YAL merchandise, or flyers (our bad). And our table was picked bare by the time we were done, so I know people would have taken our information. Our next tentative tabling event is set for November 5. We put in a request for an activism kit, ordered a banner, and we’re making some chapter flyers to hand out. This should make a big difference.

I really see our YAL chapter becoming the biggest, funnest, most effective student group on campus; and I can’t wait for more!

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