YAL Chapter Founded at MTSU

….and getting to work already.  The new YAL chapter at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) explained in their press release:

Today, the founding members of the Young Americans For Liberty at MTSU and about ten others from C4L delivered 233 signed petitions to Congressman Bart Gordon’s local office in Murfreesboro urging him to cosponsor HR 1207, the “Audit The Fed” bill currently in the House of Representatives.  The bill would remove the audit restrictions in the US Code which give the Federal Reserve System the secrecy it needs to continue its abuse of America’s monetary system.

They even managed to get some local news coverage, albeit coverage which failed to mention YAL by name.  Nonetheless, great work — and I expect to hear about much more of this sort of thing from YAL-MTSU and all other YAL chapters once school gets back into session!

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