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I was recently added to the Vacaville Reporter Reader Network, wich is the go-to group for response pieces. The first question I was asked as part of the network had to do with government spending, so here’s part of the piece that was run on Thursday.

The following questions were put to The Reporter’s Facebook fans and some Reader Network members: Cities, school districts, the state and the county are all looking for ways to save money. Where do you see waste in the public sector? What are you willing to give up? Here are their edited responses:

Devon Minnema, Dixon: I think there is a fundamental problem with the question “Where do you see waste in the public sector?” This is problematic because the public sector can only be wasteful. Government is a monopoly and therefore can stick the citizens with the bill and never have to worry about bankruptcy — until now. Economics has proven that there are only a few things the government can do correctly; however, even these few things have been messed up because of the insistence that government can provide for man’s every need and want. Government should focus on defending individual rights (including the right to fail), prosecuting and punishing individuals who violate others’ rights, and creating a small yet effective national and state defense. You may have noticed that I didn’t say government should fight poverty, subsidize American agriculture, regulate Wall Street, or even tell people not to smoke. These are all things that we can live without the government doing.

Thank you to Karen Nolan. Read the whole piece here.

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