YAL Chapter VP Spreads Awareness about Islam, Peace, and Terrorism

His campus paper reports:

Before 9/11, Jamal Kamandy wasn’t outspoken about his religion.

But after the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon –– along with the conflicts that followed –– he now feels obligated to help others understand and learn about the true, peaceful nature of Islam.

Kamandy, a political science and philosophy double major at CSU, spoke to a crowd of 30 people packed into the basement of the Mugs Coffee Lounge in Old Town on Friday night.

“I don’t want Muslims to be cornered in our society and be held accountable because of the acts of 19 stupid people,” he said. “Physical violence will only continue a vicious cycle of hate. Therefore, Muslims and non-Muslims must engage in peaceful and prosperous dialogue.”

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