YAL COCC Free Markets Tabling Event

Our YAL chapter at Central Oregon Community College decided to kick off the New Year with a free market themed tabling event.

Our college/student government hasn’t been the fastest when requesting event space. In the past some of our requests for event space appear to go unnoticed several times before finally getting approved (this seems to be improving).

So this time, we put in for the space first, and then later found out about the activism kits and themes for the YAL spring recruitment drive. As a result, I didn’t have time to order an activism kit, but we still put together one of our best tables yet!

Table setup

This is how we did our Jenga-nomics game: I made some blocks for the Jenga-nomics game and numbered them 1 to 20. Then I wrote some funny trivia questions, numbered them 1 to 20 too, and put them in a bucket.

Table setup2

People would draw the trivia questions from the bucket and got candy for answering questions right (often times there were no “wrong” answers).

Who knows anymore???

They then would remove the block matching the number on the trivia question and place the block on the top of the pile. 

Distributing the wealth

Halfway through we would ask them if they’ve created any more blocks. Eventually the pile would fall over, and we would explain that this is similar to what happens when governments take resources from one area and put it somewhere else. 

I'm pretty sure this kid was a cheater.

It was pretty good day, and we had some really good responses. A couple guys stopped by who knew about YAL, and were really excited to see a YAL group on the COCC campus. We took as much contact info as we could, and plan on have a meeting in the future very soon.

I did eventually apply for an activism kit. I have some friends up in Pendleton who are going to try and start a YAL chapter up at Blue Mountain Community College,  and I want to jump start them with some swag and what not. Plus I want to potentially get in touch with peeps from Oregon State or University of Oregon, and help get their chapters back up and running.

Pro Tips:

1) Bring a girl: Pay you sister, bribe your girlfriend, do whatever it takes to get a female standing around your table. Girls are more likely — guys as well — to talk to you, or check out your table if another girl is standing there. Girls can help get rid of the intimidation factor. Nobody wants to talk to a bunch of guys. But if a girl says “Hi” to you,you might just say “Hi” back, and check out what she’s doing.

2) Have food: Pretty self-explanatory: what hungry, poor college student wouldn’t love some free food?

3) The more the merrier: The greater the number of members that show up to these events will mean a greater number of people stopping by and seeing what you’re up to. But you can’t just all stand around and stare at people as they walk by. Start talking to one another; make some noise around your event. Play the game (or gimmick) that you’ve set up. Most people won’t stop. But if there’s a lot of commotion, and lots of people talking to one another, most people will pay attention. Those non-social butterflies might just sneak in and take a look at what you’ve got too.

4) Stand in front of the table: Don’t sit down behind your table. You’re not at a lemonade stand! You’ve gotta be out there and with free swag in your hands! Having fun!

You can connect with us here on Facebook.

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