YAL @ Colorado State University Adopts a Family for Christmas.

This year for part of our Choose Charity at Colorado State University, we decided to team up with a local church to adopt a family in need for Christmas.

We partnered with Timberline Church here in Fort Collins and donated $100 to their Adopt a Family program, which allowed us to “adopt” a single mother with several children for the holiday season.

Due to how busy our students were with finals at the end of the semester, we felt that this was the best approach to take in regards to completing a portion of our Choose Charity event before the end of the year. After the students come back for Spring semester, we plan on engaging in a volunteer activity to finish out the rest of our Choose Charity event. Below you will find a short video I took when we adopted a family through Timberline Church. I will post another update once we have completed the volunteer outreach portion of our Choose Charity!

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