YAL @ Columbus State University Recruitment Drive: The Free Speech Blob

Columbus State University’s YAL chapter attempted to kick off its fall recruitment with another run at the free speech ball. This event was incredibly engaging last semester so I thought there wouldn’t be a better event to generate some signatures for our fall recruitment drive. 

While doing some shopping at Target, I noticed a mattress pump. It was advertised as being super fast and rechargeable. I thought, “this will be perfect for our free speech ball event!”

I was wrong. I was horribly wrong. The day of the event came and I had already charged the battery for the charger overnight. I had a clipboard loaded with sign-up forms, and I was ready.

I got the ball to roughly the level of inflation that one observer affectionately referred to it as “the free speech blob.” I begin to smell a strange smell, like that of burning electronics. Lo and behold, the nice, fancy new pump’s motor had started smoking and flaming.

I get the (very small) fire out and start packing up the free speech ball. Not being easily defeated, I then spent the next hour and a half clipboarding with one of our chapter members, Kaleb, and managed to get six signatures.

Buyer beware: A rechargeable quick pump just might not be a great buy. But liberty can still win!

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