YAL @ CPAC 2014

It’s no secret that Young Americans for Liberty is the best at attracting young people to the principles of limited government. Our huge success at CPAC 2014 definitively proved that. 

YAL staff at CPAC

Heading into CPAC, we brought with us over a thousand “Stand With Rand” t-shirts, posters and stickers, our custom-designed political quiz kit, and our newest nationwide activism project, “Pong Off Your Debt.”  In addition to this we also teamed up with the Generation Opportunity booth to launch our biggest activism event yet — the War on YOUth.

By the end of the conference, we had run completely out of t-shirts, our inventory of posters and stickers was only a small fraction of what it had been, we had two buckets overflowing with sign up sheets, and our chart was packed with little American flags marking where participants fell on the political spectrum. The overwhelming trend from the results, and one that permeated the entirety of CPAC was that liberty is VERY popular. 


The Young Americans for Liberty booth, one of over a hundred, was unquestionably the busiest, most engaging, and most highly populated table of the entire event. This is not just by our measurements, but by the media as well.

Reporting on CPAC, the National Journal wrote that the YAL’s booth was “easily the most crowded of the booths at this year’s event, with dozens of largely young conservatives waiting patiently in line” (full story here)For the full duration of CPAC, our booth remained packed.

Liberty’s presence at CPAC was perhaps most strongly demonstrated by Rand Paul’s huge popularity. When he spoke, the room was overflowing, many with standing room only, and he was interrupted with roaring applause over a dozen times. 

The 2014 Straw Poll:

His strong performance was solidified with his dominant win of the crucial CPAC Straw Poll. Winning 31% of the vote, compared to the just 11% of the second place Ted Cruz, Senator Paul has etched himself into the top tier of Republicans. But more important than his win is the win of the limited government philosophy that he represents. 

The trend is clear. Liberty is gaining ground on the establishment’s status quo. Thanks in large part to activist groups like Young Americans for Liberty, the ideas of limited government are moving beyond Internet forums and are rising among conservatives.

What the Press had to say about YAL at CPAC: 

Duke Chronicle: 
Young Americans for Liberty (YAL), a relatively new nationwide student-driven organization endorsed by Rand Paul, had arguably the most popular booth over the three days of CPAC. It was there that one could observe, at some point or another, almost every student jostle to place their flag on YAL’s political spectrum or play “Pong Off Your Debt,” a beer pong offshoot with cups labeled “End Corporate Welfare,” “End the War on Drugs,” “Repeal Obamacare,” and “End the Fed,” amongst others.” 

Campus Reform: 
“From stickers embellishing nametags to bright red signs toted around by gaggles of Young Americans for Liberty students, there’s no doubt that college students who claimed to “Stand with Rand” a year ago at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference still adore the junior Kentucky senator—and his policies.”

“The younger Paul was aided in his win this year by Young Americans for Liberty, which boasted that it recruited almost 500 activists to come to the event and cast ballots. Almost half of the straw poll vote came from 18- to 25-year-olds.”

“A new generation is rising.  The most striking display at the recent CPAC was a barrage balloon emblazoned with the words War On Youth.  It was lofted over one of the most popular booths there, Young Americans for Liberty.
A new generation is rising fast.  It is not grumpy.  It is, however, militant for liberty and justice for all.”

National Journal:
“Young Americans for Liberty Executive Director Jeff Frazee said that the booth was even more packed than at last year’s event. The group gave away each and every one of the 1,100 T-shirts they brought with them by early Friday afternoon, Frazee said. The group’s goal before the event was to sell 250 CPAC tickets through their website, he added. They sold more than 460.”

Now more than ever is the time for young individuals to mobilize in the fight for liberty, and YAL is leading the charge. Join or start a YAL Chapter today and together we can win a future where liberty prevails. 

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