YAL @ CPAC 2015

YAL’s presence was deeply felt at CPAC 2015. We were able to bring hundreds of liberty activists to the convention and represent the true heart of conservatism. 

Vice photoYAL interns Nathan Kelly and Brittany Wilson listen to Rand Paul’s speech

The YAL booth was buzzing all weekend. We gathered sign-ups and gave out “Do You Support Liberty” political quizzes to eager attendees and spread YAL’s message.

quiz takers

We plotted their scores on our chart. We ran out of space at the top where “Libertarian” was written. What a great problem to have!

A-RodYAL Central Regional Director Anthony Rodriguez plotting quiz scores

flags at booth


ty/justinYAL’s Justin Greiss (Southeast Regional Director) and Ty Hicks (Midwest Regional Director) talk to CPAC attendees at the booth


Our booth was so popular, people were waiting in line to take a quiz and see their score!

busy booth

In addition to plotting scores. Our booth was decked out in “Stand With Rand” gear.


For every quiz taken a “Stand With Rand” shirt was given out as well as buttons, posters, pocket Constitutions, and YAL info.

YAL booth

Some couldn’t wait and immediately put on their shirts!

yaladiesYAL ladies: YAL member Lisa Car, Lauren Evans (Director of Events), Deirdre Hackleman (Communications Director), Brittany Wilson (Intern), Grace Charlton (Chapter leader), Alex Johnson (State Chair)

Thursday’s YAL happy hour started off with an unexpected surprise. Sean Hannity crashed the party and did an impromptu interview with Sen. Paul.


The two switched roles as they sat on pianos and Rand interviewed Sean for a change!

rand/hannity hh2

Rand’s speech was the next morning. Supporters stood in wait and packed the aisles of the aphitheatre.


justin/grace cheer

Senator Paul took the stage and rallied the crowd as he spoke of the need to fight for liberty.

rand 1

“Those who love liberty must rise to the occasion”…”will you rise to the occasion?”

rand 2

Many wore their shirts during the straw poll winner Sen. Rand Paul’s speech. The room was filled with the cheer “Stand With Rand!” and then the chant “President Paul!”

group RP cheer

Once again, YAL empowered the youth voice at CPAC. We can’t wait to do it again next year!

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