YAL @ Creighton 1L Sustainable Book Scholarship

The most difficult task of a newly-founded organization is recruiting new members. No matter how sound the philosophy or mission, moving people to action is no small feat, and it requires creativity to make first impressions and handshakes turn into sustainable relationships. YAL @ Creighton is a new chapter founded in the spring semester of 2013.

YAL @ Creighton operates out of Creighton University’s Law School and our goal is to bring liberty to the entire campus, but our initial mission is to establish a legal network of liberty within the confines of the law school. We believe that cultivating liberty in lawyers is fundamental to the growth and influence of the liberty movement.

In an effort to accomplish that mission I decided to rely upon my fellow classmates to help liberty leave a lasting legacy at the law school. I asked all first-year students to donate one of their books to our chapter to establish the YAL @ Creighton 1L Sustainable Book Scholarship. The scholarship recipient receives all of the required textbooks for all first year law school courses.The scholarship application and essay topic are attached below.

We believe that the scholarship will serve as a great recruitment device and will help build a solid foundation for the sustainability of the campus chapter. The recipient is required to join YAL @ Creighton and participate in liberty advocacy throughout the school year.

Upon completion of the first year, the books are relinquished to our chapter, donations are taken from the recipient’s class, and the book bank will continue to grow each year. We suggest that all law school chapters adopt this strategy because most, if not all, first year law school courses are required which means that there is little book turnover. This allows the book bank to grow and become self-sustaining. Excess books can be sold and used to purchase updated editions as the time comes, with little custodial supervision.

Creighton University School of Law had its 2014 Accepted Students Day today, May 24, 2013, attended by 23 incoming students. YAL-Creighton was able to sign-up and deliver scholarship applications to 16 of those students. Overall, we have had over 20 interested students, nearly 20% of the incoming class, and the number continues to grow!

Best of luck in your recruitment efforts.

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