YAL-CSU (GA) Already at Work!

The first week of the fall semester has already started here at Clayton State University in Morrow, Georgia (just south of Atlanta), and today the student involvement fair was held. This is an annual event where students can come and learn about the over 70 student organizations at CSU. For some reason, the university decided to hold it outside in Georgia in August!  Suffice it to say, it was hot out. I decided to let this work to my advantage and stole an idea from Jared Fuller, YAL regional director for the southeast; I bought bottled water to give out for free, but first I put labels with YAL info on them!


Here are some pictures from today’s event, followed by pictures of the sidewalk chalking I did right before the event. I’m not the best photographer — or chalk..ist(?) for that matter — but I think I have improved from the photography tips we got at the YAL National Convention!







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