YAL CSUDH First Meeting


We had a very good first meeting of the semester here at Cal State-Dominguez Hills. We had nine people show up to the meeting and we covered a variety of topics. We talked about our philosophy of liberty and how that can be applied to your life.

We also talked about what we can do about our first event coming up which is on the drug war and how we can make it better and actually improve it. And we discussed our upcoming state convention and and the other events that are happening on the local, state and federal level. One issue that was mentioned on campus was a new fee increase which a lot of the students felt needed to have more discuss on.

We also made the school newspaper which was a great thing and we will actually be interviewd by the school paper on what we are about. So we got a lot done in this meeting and its a great introduction to what our plans are.

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