YAL @ CSUDH Flex your Rights Movie Showing

From noon to 1 p.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday, 3/11-3/12, our YAL chapter showed a documentary put together by the Flex Your Rights.org called “Busted.” The movie showed average citizens how they can defend and preserve their basic constitutional rights when dealing with the police. The film lasted about 45 minutes, and afterwards we had a question and answer time. We provided free pizza for all students who entered and seen the documentary.

2nd day showing

We advertised the film by posting flyers all over the school and we also handed them out to different departments on campus to give to their students. This is our first time trying to have a movie showing at school and for the first time it was a decent showing of attendees. On Tuesday we had 16 people show up and on Wednesday we had 27 show up. We signed up another 25 people over the course of the movie showing who are interested in learning about our chapter. We also had someone from the school newspaper who was there who is going to possibly do a story in the paper. Afterwards people told us that this was a great showing and that they would love more movies like this. We will plan on more movies in the future!

Day 1 showing

The film gets started

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