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This was originally published in the student paper at Cal State-Dominguez Hills.

Nationwide political group gets active on campus

Young Americans for Liberty aims to educate others about constitutional rights

by Ryan Thompson
Staff Writer

A new political group on campus hopes to broaden student awareness and be more active in the local community. Young Americans for Liberty, a nationwide organization, is a fast-growing group that formed last spring on campus. President Conor McGarry said the club’s main goals are to teach students about their basic constitutional rights and spread a message about acting in non-aggressive ways and respecting peoples rights.

The group plans to have a full agenda of activities this semester, such as tabling and open forums where students can participate in general discussions. Other events on campus include film screenings where students and the local community are informed about the national dot and Internet freedom. One film will deal with interacting with police in a peaceful and civil manner and knowing your basic rights.

“I plan to keep showing the group that we’re only one chapter out of 500 that are in this fight to raise awareness”, said McGarry.

McGarry decided to start a chapter at Dominguez Hills after he noticed the chapters at the other schools in the area. 

“I saw that Cal State Long Beach, Los Angeles and Fullerton had one”,McGarry said. “And even a couple of UC’s . So I said to myself ‘Why not Dominguez?”

Jeff Frazee, a 2005 graduate of Texas A&M who served as national youth coordinator for Ron Paul’s 2008 Presidential Campaign Committee, started the organization in 2008. There are now more than 500 on campuses across the country.

YAL’S mission statement is to identify, educate, train and mobilize youth activists committed to “winning on principle.”

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