YAL @ CU Constitution Week

Constitution Week was a two-day event at the University of Colorado-Boulder.  After a successful student involvement fair we wanted to capitalize on our momentum heading into the new year.  One of our members created stand-up posters of the Bill of Rights with some witty commentary on which rights we still actually have.  Over 200 Constitutions were handed out over the two day period. 

We also used this event as an opportunity to educate people about our chapter’s “Save the Hill” campaign as well.  In Boulder, there is a part of town coined “the Hill,” and recently a few businesses on the hill have been under attack by the City Council.  City Council has gotten into the culture of picking winners and losers; they are trying to change the culture and kick businesses out that have been there for years in favor of a partnership called “the New Hill” that seeks to completely rebuild the area into high cost condos and an art district that would effectively move the student population off of the hill.  At our event, we urged students to support local business by showing up to a Boulder City Council meeting later that week.

All in all it was a pretty successful Constitution Week!

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