YAL @ CU-Denver Tables on Campus

CU Denver's first day of Tabling

On August 21st CU-Denver’s campus was hit with the first of YAL’s tabling events! It was great day; there tons of people out and about, looking for ways to get involved at their school.

It was awesome because the campus is shared between 3 different colleges/universities and the mix of people who go to school there are often very diverse and open to “new” ideas!

Ella Peterson and Rick Maestas tabled out in the hot sun from 10 to 2 and spoke with several people who were interested in spreading the word about civil liberties. There were many people we talked to who were uninvolved libertarians, which won’t be said of them for long! Thanks to everybody for support, and we can’t wait to post more about the happenings in downtown Denver.

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